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Tishika Organic,
Where Nature Grows

Seedlings Of Vegetable, Fruit and Flower Plants

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Plant Seedlings

Nurture Nature's Potential. Let us sow the seeds of growth for a greener world. Your trusted partner in fostering thriving plant life.

Potting Mix

Perfectly formulated for healthy roots, improved drainage, and optimal nutrition. Elevate your gardening experience today.

Vermi Compost

Join us in nurturing the planet while reaping the rewards of thriving gardens. Go green with Vermi Compost today!

Seedlings of Vegetable, Fruit and Flower Plants

Tishika Organic germinates and nurtures seedlings of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Hybrid varieties of seeds are sourced from reliable agencies. Our seedlings are grown in our custom seed starting mix in our poly house. Growing healthy seedlings of vegetables, fruits and flowers in our poly house is our unique selling point.We have the capacity to supply upto 100,000 seedlings in a month on receipt of advance orders. Our down to earth products include Potting Mix, Seed Starting Mix, Fine Cow Dung Manure and Vermicompost prepared with Red Earthworms. Tishika Organic sells cocopeat, perlite and vermiculite for horticulture use We produce leafy greens and other vegetables in our hydroponic systems. 

We provide hands on training in organic methods and hydroponics. Tishika Organic is an online garden center catering to varied requirements of gardeners.


About The Farm

Welcome to our organic farms! 🌱 We cultivate goodness straight from Mother Earth, ensuring you get the freshest, healthiest produce for you and your loved ones. Our commitment to sustainable practices means you're not only enjoying delicious, pesticide-free food but also supporting the environment. Come experience the true taste of nature while nourishing your body and soul. Visit us today and join the journey towards a greener, healthier future


51, Tota Ka Taal, Madia Katra, Agra-282002, India

+91-9358501258,  +91-7983099394

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